Ways of Seeing

Team members: Ophelia Deroy, Etienne Serbe, Ayshan Aliyeva, Dardo Ferreiro (associate)

Funding from:

In this innovative research project, we aim to explore the intriguing relationship between individuals and scientific visualizations through the cutting-edge technology of eye tracking. Our primary objective is to gain a deeper understanding of how people interact with and interpret complex scientific visualizations, such as data plots, charts, and diagrams, to enhance science communication and learning experiences. By employing eye tracking technology, we can closely monitor participants’ eye movements and fixations as they engage with the visual representations.

This project pioneers a new participatory research approach, valuing the active involvement and collaboration of both museums and visitors throughout the entire research process. By integrating data sharing with insights and qualitative feedback and reflections from the participants, we hope not only to identify patterns and tendencies in how specific visual elements our attention, evoke emotions, and facilitate active engagement, but also provide interactive scientific visualizations that are more accessible, intuitive, and engaging.