LMU-NYU project on science communication

Funding from: LMU-NYU

In collaboration with New York University (NYU), we embark on an innovative research project that explores the captivating realm of science communication with a particular focus on the powerful role of storytelling as a key entry point. This endeavor not only seeks to enhance public engagement with scientific concepts but also delves into the philosophical and psychological challenges underlying effective science storytelling. Recognizing the need for critical examination and rigorous measurement, our project is driven by the pursuit of unraveling the most compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences while maintaining scientific accuracy.

Storytelling has an unparalleled ability to captivate and connect with people on an emotional level, and make complex scientific ideas accessible and relatable, encouraging wider interest and participation in science-related matters. However, we recognize that this approach raises questions regarding the balance between captivating narratives and scientific precision, as well as the ethical implications of influencing perceptions through storytelling.

By identifying and addressing potential benefits and challenges associated with storytelling in science communication, we aim to pave the way for best practices in this domain. The project’s outcomes will contribute to the development of guidelines for responsible and effective science storytelling, aiding science communicators, educators, and researchers in creating impactful narratives that uphold scientific integrity while fostering public engagement.

In collaboration with NYU, this project brings together the expertise of researchers from diverse disciplines, including communication studies, psychology, philosophy, and journalism. Ultimately, this research strives to enrich science communication strategies, empowering individuals to grasp scientific knowledge through compelling stories while maintaining a critical and thoughtful perspective on the information they encounter.