Emerge: Minimal Aware Collectives

Team members: Ophelia Deroy, Bahador Bahrami, Jurgis Karpus, Nadine Meerteens

Funding from:

When intelligence is distributed across many parts, be they robots, devices, or objects, it can
be tricky for the bigger picture to emerge. Yet answering these questions is key to making collective systems that are easy to design, monitor and control.

EMERGE will deliver a new philosophical, mathematical, and technological framework to demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, how a collaborative awareness – a representation of shared existence, environment and goals – can arise from the interactions of elemental artificial entities.

In this effort, we will rely only on unstructured conditions that the real world demands without leveraging a pre-existing shared language between them. Our goal is to surpass the limitations and barriers of the current state-of-the-art distributed systems to produce breakthroughs and open new markets in the next generation of robotic systems.

As part of this broader project, we are interested in developing new approaches to awareness that can integrate more types of interactive, artificial entities. We are also interested in seeing how humans interact with swarms or collectives of AI, by contrast with individual ones. 

Link to consortium project page : https://eic-emerge.eu