Addressing vaccine indecision through interactive discussions

Team members: Ophelia Deroy, Justin Sulik, Burce Zeneyp

Funding from: Vaccine Confidence Fund

Vaccine hesitancy among ambivalent or undecided individuals is a pressing challenge. Building upon the success of our work on interactive decisions, this project represents an applied extension of our expertise. Our comprehensive approach integrates ethics, participatory community engagement, big data analysis, and cutting-edge cognitive and machine learning methods to develop evidence-based strategies that boost vaccine confidence effectively, focusing on Germany and Argentina, and communities prone to adopt complementary medicine approaches  

The primary objective of this research is to gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to vaccine ambivalence by combining surveys, and machine learning approaches. We aim to compare approaches facilitating interactive deliberation providing individuals with a supportive space to engage in informed discussions about vaccines to approaches proposing expert guidance.

Active collaboration with community leaders, organizations, and stakeholders will ensure that our interventions are culturally sensitive and cater to the specific needs of each community. To harness the power of information, we will analyze big data from online platforms and social media to discern trends in vaccine-related conversations and sentiments among ambivalent individuals. The integration of cognitive science and machine learning techniques will enable us to identify decision-making processes and cognitive, affective and social factors that may influence vaccine acceptance. Ethical considerations, including informed consent and confidentiality, will be paramount throughout the research.

This project aspires to strengthen inclusive healthcare communication, contribute to public health policy, and improve vaccine confidence. By empowering communities and fostering informed deliberations, we aim to make a meaningful impact on public health.