Interactive experience and sensing

Shared perception, shared experiences

What happens when two or more individuals attend or perceive the same scene together? Why is perceptual common ground between people so special? This research stream upgrades individualistic models of perception and examines how our senses and experiences are affected by who we share our experience with and how, and what role collective experiences play in supporting our epistemic lives, notably belief-updating, learning and metacognition.

Augmenting perception and new avenues for interactivity

Sensory deficits, social isolation and challenging adjustments to fast technological or social changes are usually considered in isolation, and raise different issues. Their effects however are similar in that they limit opportunities to interact and share experiences with others. As part of this research stream, we use technologies to measure and improve sensory interactions within the social world, bringing special attention to the ethics and implications of AI and big-data approaches.


Live music performance
Team members: Ophelia Deroy, Bahador Bahrami, Antonio Scarafone


Collective aesthetic cognitivism
Team members: Bahador Bahrami, Doga Gulan, Sepehr Saedpouhr, Arghavan Aslani, Antonio Scarafone
Team members: Ophelia Deroy, John Dorsh , Isabelle Ripp (associate : Merle Fairhurst)
Team members: Ophelia Deroy, Mustafa Yavuz, Antonio Scarafone, Rebecca Geiseilmann, Lenka Gorman, Louis Longin