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Crowd Cognition Lab
Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in a Digital World
The Summer Institute brings together talented young researchers and renowned scientists from around the globe and aims to spark a dialogue about decision making under the real world constraints of limited time, information, or computational power. The Summer Institute offers a forum for young scholars from various disciplines to share their approaches...
Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin Germany – June 11, 2019
Crowd Cognition Lab
What Happens in Your Brain When You Try to Influence Others?
We live in the age of persuasion. From the outcomes of political campaigns to our stand on issues such as global warming, immigration crisis and taxation, the fate of the most critical issues in our public life depends on persuaders working to influence public opinion. The research on social influence has been dominated by the motivation to understand the mind....
Germany – Berlin – June 19, 2019
Crowd Cognition Lab
Explore the emotional power of movement through art and science
Artists have for long been experimenting with the emotional power of the moving body and the moving image – through dance, video and other performance. But why do certain movements affect us so much? Can they make us feel or think differently about ourselves, others, and the space around us? Can science and art build new ways of moving us?
Tate Modern, London UK – June 22, 2019