Explore the emotional power of movement through art and science

Tate Modern, London UK - June 22, 2019

Artists have for long been experimenting with the emotional power of the moving body and the moving image – through dance, video and other performance. But why do certain movements affect us so much? Can they make us feel or think differently about ourselves, others, and the space around us? Can science and art build new ways of moving us?

In this unique collaboration between cognitive scientists, renowned and new generation artists, Tate Exchange will invite visitors to actively explore unexpected aspects of their perception of movement, in a series of immersive and interactive installations.

About CREATE (Centre for Research in Experimental Aesthetics, Technology and Education)

CREATE (Centre for Experimental Aesthetics), at the University of London, connects the humanities to the neurosciences, to advance our understanding of how culture works, and how the arts and new technologies affect our bodies and minds. A collaboration between the University of London, Ludwig Maximilian University and renowned plus new generation artists.