The Cognition, Value and Behaviour Lab (CVBE), directed by Ophelia Deroy, brings together philosophical and experimental methods to study sensory interactions: how humans interact through sharing attention and coordinating with their senses. The core focus is on perception and non-verbal interactions using touch, sight, audition, and bodily movements. Research topics include collective experiences, social determinants of perception and learning, social epistemology of shared experiences, interactive augmented reality. The lab is hosted at the Faculty of Philosophy at the LMU, and supported by the Munich Centre for Neuroscience.

Ophelia Deroy

Group director. Professor, Chair of Philosophy of Mind

PI and Senior Researchers

Louis Longin

Etienne Serbe-Kamp

Senior researcher

Jurgis Karpus

Assistant Professor 

Justin Sulik

Senior researcher

Postdoctoral Researchers

Antonio Scarafone

Philosophy of language and mind 

Isabelle Ripp

Azenet Lopez

Philosophy of mind

John Dorsch

Tamara Niella

Social psychology


Jimena Zapata

Experimental Philosophy of Mind & Language 

Nadine Meertens

Philosophy of mind and AI

Rebecca Geiselmann

Lenka Gorman

Philosophy of mind and cognitive science

Wenhan Sun

PhD Student

Sacha Behrend

Visiting PhD student

research assistants


Ayshan Aliyeva

Burce Zeynep

Rhea Kharty


Klaus Harrish

Senior researcher

Sofia Bonicalzi

Senior researcher

Dardo Ferreiro

Post-doctoral researcher

Anna Strasser

Senior researcher


Sarah Beroš

Project Coordination Third-Party Funding 

Melanie Hall

Digital science communication office