The Crowd Cognition Lab directed by Bahador Bahrami applies behavioural, neural and computational methods to examine collective decisions during real social interactions.

Bahador Bahrami is a Senior Scientist and Director at the Crowd Cognition Lab in Ludwig Maximilian University’s Department of Psychology. He earned his M.D. from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran and did his Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University College London.

Crowd Cognition’s research focuses on the cognitive and neurobiological basis of human interactive decision making. They adopt a multidisciplinary approach that combines computational modelling, behavioural experiments and neurobiological measurements (mobile eye tracking, dual EEG, fMRI) to examine this topic which is itself at the intersection of social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. More recently they have expanded their research into the burgeoning and exciting field of human-AI interactions and have invested in developing augmented reality tools that combine social psychology and neuroscience with technological advances in wearable devices offered in the consumer market. Crowd Cognition is committed to public engagement with science. They organise and encourage students to seek out and create collaborative projects with museums, theaters, and other cultural and economic institutions of the society.


Bahador Bahrami

PI, Group Director 

Doga Gulan

Post-doctoral fellow

Post-doctoral researcher

doctoral researchers

Jimmy Esmaily

Mustafa Yavuz

Zahra Rezahadeh

Stefano Palminteri

Humboldt Visiting researcher 



asocciate members

Germain Lefebvre

Post-doctoral fellow

Arghavan Aslani

Research assistant

Moozhan Shaker

Post-doctoral fellow

Sepehr Saeedpour

Research assistant


Sarah Beroš

Project Coordination Third-Party Funding 

Melanie Hall

Digital science communication office